Canberra Value Partner™ Programs (The Collaborative Partner Power)

Canberra Solutions invest in collaborative partnerships with leaders around the world that provide value and expertise to help our customers achieve their goals.

Canberra VP™: Canberra Value Partners are proven software providers, trusted third-party integrators and consultants that bring added value to customer engagements through industry knowledge or technical specialization. Canberra VPs support and complement our solutions so that we can provide customers with a comprehensive approach that is suited to their business requirements. This collaborative program is designed to benefit both Canberra and our partners through a tailored program of joint marketing, sales and development efforts. As a trusted and supported extension of Canberra Solutions these partners provide valuable localized expertise to customer engagements and offer a unique value proposition to Canberra customers in a growing number of global markets.

Through the power of collaborative partnership, Canberra Solutions offer a wide range of solutions to our shared customers while improving their bottom line, your bottom line and our own.